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English Idioms

hot and bothered = feeling uncomfortable, either because it's too hot, or because you have too much to do in too little time: "She's all hot and bothered now that she's been invited to the theatre this evening." 

be like a cat on a hot tin roof = restless or jumpy: "He's like a cat on a hot tin roof with all this talk about redundancies." 

in hot pursuit = to follow closely: "The pickpocket ran off, with members of the public in hot pursuit." 

hot on the trail = close to finding something: "The police are hot on the trail of the mastermind behind the bank robbery." 

hot air = something which is not as important or true as it sounds: "What he says is just a lot of hot air – don't take it too seriously." 

more (something) than you've had hot dinners = an expression to mean that you've had a lot of something: "I've had more jobs than you've had hot dinners!" 

blow hot and cold = keep changing your mind about something: "I'm blowing hot and cold about moving to the countryside."


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Common test techniques

Common test techniques:


What are test techniques?


Quite simply test techniques are means of eliciting behavior from candidates that will tell us about their language abilities . What we need are techniques that:


- Will elicit behavior which is a reliable and valid indicator of the ability in which we are interested ;

- Will elicit behavior which can be reliably scored ;

- Are as economical of time and effort  as possible ;

- Will have a beneficial backwash effect , where this is relevant .


The present article introduces common  techniques that can be used to test a variety of abilities ,including  READING , LISTENING , GRAMMER and VOCABULARY .

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